Sunday, October 23, 2011

. . . .He Loves Me. . . .

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

bberape harini, i really feel disappointed.
Feeling sad, frustrated, depressing, gloomy
n everything worse i can ever thought.
at first, sy fikir sy x brape sihat.
But something started 2 make me feel kind of weird
when i began 2 cry without knowing why !
sy mule mncari masalah ape yg wt sy cmni.

sy mule keluar dr bilik,
n do everything dat brought me back closer 2 nature.
Yep ! sy berjaya cari da reason.
Allah sukekan kecantikan..
So no wonder why You make dis world so beautiful :)

then i realized dat there
is someone who really cares about what i feel,
n He hears my every cry. ^_^

His arms r reaching out 2 me, masyaAllah…
on Him i can rely everything.
When i lose hope, He will be my guiding light..
He wants 2 wipe away my tears...
so sy rase macam being a precious lady. :)

Well of course, He is my very love one, Allah.
its true what people alwayz told me...
You r everything !

kpd sahabat2 sy sume, jom same2 reach out right now 2 Allah,
We’ll realize dat we have nothing 2 wori much
coz He’ll take dat heavy burden.

let Him take u in His loving arms.
Subhanallah, His love will never end.
in da hadis we r informed dat if we walk towards Allah,
HE will run unto us !
ya Allah, tq 4 being so kind 2 me, 2 my parents,
2 my brothers, 2 my friendz, n 2 everybody i've known.
Plez Allah, bless us all...

Allah, You r da Most Understanding…

nota kaki :
asyik tingat pasal MATI jek.. 
hope Allah berkati umur kite..Amin..

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Anonymous said...

Allah sayangkan kamu,,:)