Sunday, September 4, 2011

. . .ya Allah, i'm smiling :') . . .

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

ya Allah, it's quite a long period when i didn’t feel da real pleasure of smiling. 
Now, i'm smiling n luv it so much.
 i promise 2 myself not 2 cry over da problem i'm facing right now anymore.
 At dis moment, i notice there is still a wonderful life with me. 
i'm amazed on how u created dis life 2 make da humans happy.
Last night when i look deeply at da charming bright stars floating in da sky,
 i can feel something special dat You gave me.
 Yep, i sense Your luv in my heart. 
 i didn’t even realize it was there anymore but actually, it is. 
i can feel dat You r always with me no matter wat. 
n dat feeling juz make me smile again. :')

yaAllah, tqs for accompanying me wen i'm alone. 
tqs 4 alwayz listening 2 me when i'm sad. 
tqs 4 understanding me when i'm disappointed.
 tqs for hugging me when i lose hope.
 tqs for alwayz holding my hands tightly 2 show me da way where i suppose 2 go on.
 tqs 4 never living me alone at my wits’ end.
 tqs 4 never turn Your back on me even when i turn my back on You.
 And finally, tqs 4 everything..

ya Allah, after You allow me 2 choose wat i wanted, 
You let my heart began 2 accept da reality dat is happening around me. 
tqs 4 helping me 2 choose my right decision cuz after dat, 
i began 2 start putting a hepi smile on my face.

ma n ayah, u alwayz try yr best 4 my goodness
 ‘til i dunno how 2 tq both.
 Sori if i had make yr heart broken 4 not listening 2 yr opinion. 
i knw im a quite hard-headed person.
 i’m deadly soriii 4 dat. 
After dis, i’ll b alwayz ready accepting watevr from u both.
 ya Allah, plez forgive all of my sins n my parents too.
 n plez do love them as how they loved me wen i’m little.

Mr Suhaimi,
 yesterday i jz told u dat i feel like wanted 2 go 2 da moon 
n shout 2 everyone dat im smiling.
 Well, glad 2 say dis 2 u…
im on da moon now n of course im totally blissful. :)

Mr Suhaimi,
 tqs 4 giving me strength 2 continue my life no matter how hard it is.
 i know u r quite unhappy 2 knw i was depressing yesterday. 
Anyway, let’s 2gether smile now bcoz now im.

Mr Suhaimi,
 tqs 4 yr believing.
 u’ve pray 4 me n trust me dat i can bring myself wherever i go. 
take gud care of bisnes n i hope 4 u da best, InsyaAllah..
 4 yr information, now im smiling 2 my ears.

Finally, 2 those who evr pray 4 me, worried bout me, 
or gave me force 2 face my life though its juz a little even i didn’t notice it, 
tqs a lot 4 being nice 2 me.
 i’ll remmber yr kindness as long as i live, insyaAllah..

nota kaki :
alhamdulillah, semakin hari sy semakin kuat, insyaAllah. :)


ANISA said...

nice entry...really like it..
i should be grateful of who I am

tajnur said...

Assalamualaikum wbt
Sorry to say, maybe i missed the bus. I`m not very obvious about your relation between you and your spouse! Anyway from your undermost feelings, i can conclude that you have passed through `meaningful life` and as a matter of fact, lets bygone be bygone or else it will be hurtful.
Alhamdulillah, as we know that He is The Creator. He creates everything includes our feelings.
Surah AnNajm:43 وَأَنَّهُ هُوَ أَضْحَكَ وَأَبْكَىٰ Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, Dia lah yang menyebabkan (seseorang itu bergembira) tertawa, dan menyebabkan (seseorang itu berdukacita) menangis;
Needless to say, Allah SWT knows everything, in fact Allah SWT is much closer than ourselves.
Surah Qaf:16 وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ وَنَعْلَمُ مَا تُوَسْوِسُ بِهِ نَفْسُهُ ۖ وَنَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ Dan demi sesungguhnya, Kami telah mencipta manusia dan Kami sedia mengetahui apa yang dibisikkan oleh hatinya, sedang (pengetahuan) Kami lebih dekat kepadanya daripada urat lehernya,
Life will be meaningless without His guidance. And His guidance is already right infront of us no matter where we are. Surah AlBaqarah:38 فَإِمَّا يَأْتِيَنَّكُم مِّنِّي هُدًى فَمَن تَبِعَ هُدَايَ فَلَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ Maka adapun, ia pasti akan datang kepada kamu petunjuk dariKu (melalui Rasul-rasul dan Kitab-kitab yang diturunkan kepada mereka) maka sesiapa yang mengikuti petunjukKu itu nescaya tidak ada kebimbangan (dari sesuatu yang tidak baik) terhadap mereka, dan mereka pula tidak akan berdukacita".

نور عيني said...

anisa : thanks dear. :)

tajnur : terime kasih d atas komen2 yg membina buat diri yg lemah ini. ^_^

Anonymous said...

semoga dia mampu bahagiakan kamu ainie..... :')

نور عيني said...

never stop pray for us yep...
tengs ^_^
moga kite alwayz dlm rahmatNYA...