Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ For u My Dear ~

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear Mr Suhaimi,

I’m really sori 4 what had happened. 
I try 4 alwayz being by yr side, 
but Im sori cuz i can’t. 
I tried my best but i feel like completely a loser. 
I have nothing 2 give n nothing either 2 share.
 Sori but dis is da only thing dat i can give.

Mr Suhaimi,
u know dis is what life is all about.
Sometimes, something just happen dat makes u cry over n over,
trying 2 make yrself comfort after yr heart broken into pieces. 
Sometimes u can’t even forgive yrself 4 wat had happened. 
u see, life is nothing but a road. 
u just have 2 continue walking through it no matter what it takes.
Really hope u’ll be strong, dear. 
Cuz I lv u damn much !

Do u ever hear dat sadness is often 
from da devil n is a kind of hopelessness? 
Yep~ it truly is… dis is a test. 
u have some pain n u suffering alone.
Even when u tell me every single bitterness dat u face in yr daily life, 
i still never can feel wat u really feel.
i just can cry n help u just a lil bit as a fiancee
who lives in dis world just 4 a while.

Mr Suhaimi…

u know dat when Allah gives tests 4 us,
it doesn’t mean dat He forget about us.
it means dat He loves us, right? 
i still remember da moment when u tell me not 2 worry about u
bcoz Allah asks u 2 be patient. 
So i hope u r truly oke rite now.

Just remember, my dear. 
When u carrying a monster load n u wonder how far u can go, 
with every step on dat road dat u take, Allah knows. 
Allah knows all yr pain, all of da tenderness..
Allah knows every single tear dat u drop frm yr eyes. 
Allah knows all of it…

So there’s nothing 2 worry much. 
u have a plan but Allah has a bigger plan 
n His plan is always da better. 
u say dat u want 2 live happily evr after. InsyaAllah u will !
i just hope 4 u everything better. So juz smile, oke? 
i agreed dat happiness is da key 4 u 2 smile, 
but do remember sometimes a smile is da key 4 u 2 be hepi.

nota kaki :
alwayz believe in Allah. 
listen 2 yr heart. trust yr instincts. :)


Anonymous said...

:') semoga bahagia milik awak ainie..

نور عيني said...

terima kasih...
mohon doa brpanjangan dr awak jgk...

Anonymous said...

dh lama x tengok awak ainie,,mesti mkin cantik,,,,yelh dh nk khwin x lama lgi.... :')

نور عيني said...

awk ni sape eh ??
misteri betol...

Anonymous said...

kalau ckp pn awak x kenal jgk,,,,
x per..,biarlah misteri,,,he3